The first picture was taken 3 months before I stared my journey with you.
I was going through pictures last night and I came across this one. I was shocked!!! You have asked me numerous times what my accomplishments are and you have told me that I have come a long way since the beginning. But every time you would tell me that, I never felt it.... Until last night. I never use to take pictures of myself, so thinking back pre Christy I never had an actual picture to refer back to. I can’t believe the changes I have made over the past year My face, my arms, my shoulders, my fingers, my legs, my stomach. I just can’t believe it!! I needed to see that picture. I needed to see what all my persistence and hard work has done for me. I needed something to kick me in the butt and remind me were bad choices will take me. The other picture is of me a year later. Thank you for the difference you have made in my life!! I know I did the work but you are the best motivator I could have asked for.
— Kristy Rice
My husband (Wes) and I started boot camp together in November 2012. We both had big goals and wanted fast results! Christy never discouraged us from setting those big goals but was quick to give us the right information we need
ed to make daily lifestyle changes . She was a constant encouragement to me through many discouraging months. I’ve had several opportunities to start ‘quick fix’ weight loss plans & always went to Christy to help me sort out how to pass on those and stay focused on long term lifestyle changes. It has taken me awhile, but since July of last year I have lost 26 lbs & feel better than I have in a very long time. I look at that first year as my mental bootcamp. If our mind isn’t positive and ready for change , our body won’t make changes either. I highly recommend Christy as a personal trainer or any of her classes. She knows what she’s talking about & will help you every step of the journey to good health. This picture means so much! I’m wearing a bikini in public (something I never thought I’d do) jumping off a 30’ cliff - a risk I never expected to take! This trip was a big deal!! Thanks Christy for believing in me!
— Julie Troyer
Christy is Terrific!!! She makes each & every workout fun & interesting. I started training with her when I was 46. When she first started Fitness Training Unlimited, I remember that first meeting with her & how I thought I would never be able to do some of the things she told us we would be doing. I’m not going to say it was a walk in the park but I never thought I’d enjoy working out so much either. I’m 52 now & look & feel better than I ever have. She really cares about you as a person & wants to help you reach your goals & be your best. Previously, I worked out at a gym for 6 months & didn’t get the results that I did after 4 weeks of Boot Camp. The camaraderie of working out with a group is great too!! It’s nice to get encouragement from other people & know that you are not the only one struggling with issues like food, weight, & staying motivated.
— Denise Devereux
As a novice cyclist, I found that my lack of strength and poor balance was getting me into trouble. I made the decision to work with Christy to address those specific issues. After a winter of training I returned to the bike fitter and stronger. I noticed that not only did I feel better and more stable, my endurance had increased. I have been able to achieve my fitness goals with Christy’s help and guidance. Christy has partnered with me to attain those goals I indicated, but along the way I have gained a mentor on my journey to health.
— Kristin Brandon
I have been been training with Christy for about 9 months now. Christy has been extremely beneficial with helping me lose 8+ pounds so far. I have had many positive comments about how much better I look and I do feel better as well. Christy is very good about mixing the routines up. She is always working muscles I didn’t know I had. Throughout the course of the last 9 months I have had a couple injuries (nothing to do with my workouts) I have had to contend with and Christy was very good about accommodating and working around those injuries. Christy is always very positive and encouraging. I really really really enjoy working with Christy. The only other thing I have to say is, Thank you Christy!
— Sandy Holliday
Christy is very patient and very helpful. She answer’s all my questions. I am very excited to be working out with her. She changes things up and gives you advice so that you don’t become bored with your work outs.
— Chris Doncaster
I have never really enjoyed working out before. I needed to do something as I’m getting older and joined Christy’s boot camp I loved it from day one. She mixes up the routines/exercises with each class, which keeps me from getting bored. She’s very educated, caring and truly wants to help me reach my fitness goals. She will go the extra step and modify exercises just for me in class, while I deal with an injury that happened at home. Christy has made me realize exercising can be fun, challenging and very beneficial to my health at the same time. I’m so glad to have found Christy!!
— Laurie Macri
Not only are your amazing work out classes changing my body, but they are also affecting me personally or mentally, not sure, haha. For example, I used to be able to just veg on the couch for hours. I get so bored after one episode now and just need to do something. I’ve actually wanted to put together meals compared to pouring cereal in a bowl. I’m just way more energized in my everyday life now. Keeping the house cleaned and getting the laundry done isn’t THAT terrible anymore! Haha! You and your classes rock!!!
— Emily Massing
I can’t tell you enough how important you and boot camp and everyone there are to me. It’s not just exercise, it’s a group of people with the similar ideas and goals and its accountability. It’s feeling a part of something bigger. Bigger for myself, and for others too. My life is much bigger, better, and richer than before I met you and I thank you for that. You are a legacy.
— Jennifer Elliott

Health/Life Coaching:

I was feeling overwhelmed with work that needed to be done. Christy listened to my thoughts, repeated back to me what I said noting points that I may have mentioned several times. That greatly helped me to focus in on the important areas. She asked me what I had done in the past where I had been successful in completing work, which lead me to think of things I could be doing to work more effectively and efficiently. She helped me move from feeling overwhelmed and helpless by my work schedule to feeling in control. It was the most productive part of my day.
— Dallis Miller
My Coach, Christy Mishler is a great listener and wonderful encourager. My successes since having several coaching sessions with her are: I’ve put a plan in place to begin weekly meal planning and in so doing, have already experienced a weight loss of 3 lbs in my first week. I also implemented 5 workouts per week to aid in weight loss and increase my fitness level. In addition to that, she helped me talk through some goals for my business and gave helpful feedback as to what the actions might be that would lend greatly toward success. She helped me get laser focused in my life. Investing time into the coaching sessions with Christy was a great decision for both my personal and professional life!
— Laura Yoder
As someone who has been to many counselors over the years, I really didn’t think this life coaching would be much different. I was wrong! It’s very different in my case it was more effective! Christy has a unique gift of listening with compassion , but challenging you to move forward without giving advice. I would highly recommend Christy to anyone who feels stuck or in a situation that you cannot resolve.
I left my session with Christy with a new confidence and ready to move ahead in a situation I had been anxious over for weeks!
She’s in this to help you be a better version of yourself!
— Julie Troyer
I have worked with Christy Mishler as a personal trainer for several years. Throughout that time I have benefited from her extensive knowledge of fitness and health. I believe that our partnership has resulted in increased balance and strength that have improved and enhanced my effectiveness in road cycling. I recently met with her in her capacity of a Life coach and found the experience to be very positive. I had been very stuck in my life and feeling rather depressed because of it. Christy enabled me to #1. clarify the problem; #2. identify the feelings and thoughts behind it; and #3 develop an action plan to effectively make a change. She also followed up with me to make certain that I enacted my plan-which I did. The process that Christy used was very straightforward and oriented to the present. The process allowed me to crystallize my thinking and feelings to the point that I was able to look at myself/my life objectively. From that position, with her assistance, I developed a plan. I can honestly say that the session helped to lift the “fog” I was in, make decisions and move forward with my life.
— Kristin Brandon